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Good Earth Horticulture, Inc.

GOOD EARTH has been in business since 1958. It originally began as GHB Nurseries - a retail business - accelerated to GHB Enterprises, a distributor of lawn and garden products and finally, Good Earth Horticulture, Inc. which is a producer and distributor of horticultural products. 

Primary items include : Topsoils, Potting Soils, Specialty Soil Mixes, Manures, Stone Products, Fertilizers, etc. 

During the Winter months, Good Earth packages and markets Good Earth Ice & Snow Melter and Rock Salt. 

GOOD EARTH's offices and warehouse are located on a main Hwy - US 20 - in the Town of Lancaster, NY. Facilities include a new 60,000 square foot warehouse and office building which is presently under construction. 

GOOD EARTH Canada Limited is a sister company of GOOD EARTH ORGANICS . It operates a large, modern Peat Moss bog and packaging facility in New Brunswick, Canada. All of its products produced are exported to the U.S. or other overseas markets including Japan. 

GOOD EARTH sells its products to independent stores such as garden centers, nurseries, chain stores such as the Home Depot, and very large soil mixers such as the Scotts company. The company also produces specialty products for the Golf Course industry and other markets. 

Good Earth has been involved in the composting of yard waste for various towns and the City of Buffalo, NY. 


A. H. Hoffman, Inc.

The Hoffman brand was created in 1934 at the height of the depression. Originally a division of Hoffman Seeds this business was founded in order to provide the home gardening consumer with easy to handle small packages of gardening products.

Hoffman products have been comprised of many new horticultural products and packaging designs during its history. Hoffman invented one of the first "cut and pour" designs that received a patent from the U.S. Government and is still used today. Hoffman also produced the first lightweight soilless potting mix for home gardeners.

Today, the Hoffman brand is made up of a broad array of quality horticultural products for the home gardener. The company's primary products include potting soils, soil conditioners, specialty and organic fertilizers.




Gardening is America's #1 hobby - the industry has grown from $ 4.2 Billion in Sales in 1968 to $ 76.5 Billion in 1998!! 

Good Earth strongly believes that it is time for a national company to emerge and present to the gardening public products which are of higher quality, easier to use and guaranteed to produce results. 
One could compare these products to the "TV style dinners" Today's gardener or "Yardner" does not want to spend many hours in their garden but wants to perform their yardwork with ease and get beautiful results. Therefore, cost of products offered becomes secondary if the product will do as promised. 
GOOD EARTH is planning on servicing this market with : 

1. Improved packaging designs which will sell themselves in this self-service market. 

2. Premium quality products which are lightweight & easy-to-use. 

3. Develop a marketing program which will assist gardeners with a multi-step gardening program guaranteed to produce the most beautiful Lawn & Garden results. 

We appreciate your interest in our products. If you would like additional information, please contact us at:

Good Earth, Inc.
Marketing Department
P.O. Box 290
Lancaster, NY 14086
Tel: 716-684-8111
Fax: 716-684-3722

, Good Earth, Inc.